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Guide to local government
The big picture. Our elected representatives. Council and citizen. How council work. Councils and the law.
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Meet the team

Knighton & Associates is please to be able to supply the 2004 edition of its Guide to Local Government to Local Government Online for publication on their local government portal.

Judy Knighton.

Judy Knighton, editor and publications developer for DecisionMaker Publications from 2000 to 2004, has edited the DecisionMaker quarterly policy forums since 1999. Through Knighton & Associates, she undertakes electronic and print publications for government and corporate clients. Judy's Master of Communications (with distinction) from Victoria University explored using publications to further organisational goals, particularly in electronic media. Judy has also completed the international qualification Certified Internet Webmaster (web design and e-commerce).
As a mother of a son with disabilities she has a passion for levelling the playing field for people who are disadvantaged. As a director of AccEase Ltd she is able to assist organisations to make on-line information e-government compliant.

Kathie Blackhurst.

Kathie Blackhurst says: "As a researcher, writer, editor and proofreader, I strive for order, clarity, interest - and that extra something that marks a publication as different." Kathie's skills in meeting the needs of her organisation and her audience have largely been exercised in libraries, including the library of Fletcher Challenge Oil and Gas, where she wrote, implemented and managed the intranet. Kathie's two degrees - a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Classics at Otago University and a Bachelor of Theology at Auckland University - have developed her abilities as a trained, skilled and persistent researcher, as well as honing her writing and presentation skills.

She is currently the Auckland Branch Manager of Knighton & Associates.


Anthony Haas.

Anthony Haas, a longtime associate member of the New Zealand Parliamentary Press Gallery and former foreign correspondent in Asia and the Pacific, established the DecisionMaker Guides to Parliament and Government in 1990, following a passion for citizenship that began with his Honours degree in Political Science and Public Administration. Anthony Haas has published more than 600 books and magazines, thousands of articles and interviews in 30 countries. He has close associations with Victoria University, the Centre for Citizenship Education and causes for blindness prevention, for multiculturalism and for helping people have their voices heard.

Roger Peren.

Roger Peren is Wellington-born, with degrees from the University of New Zealand and Oxford. In 40 years in what is now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, he worked with government in the South Pacific, in South, Southeast and East Asia, in the United States, and with the UN. After retiring, he established the New Zealand Centre for Japanese Studies at Massey University, and more recently has assisted in the development of the Centre for Citizenship Education. Roger is actively involved with the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, the New Zealand Institute of International Affairs and the New Zealand Futures Trust.

DecisionMaker Publications thanks its editorial committee of local government experts named below. Their advice and corrections have been invaluable. We also thank the many councils and other organisations who gave generously of their time, ideas, photographs and stories. Without them, this publication would not have been possible.

Distribution and circulation

The DecisionMaker Guide to Local Government follows the established role and presence in formal and continuing education on civics and citizenship of the Guide to Parliament and Government - with distribution to:

  • Mayors and chairs of local authorities
  • Members of Parliament
  • central and local government management
  • citizens advice bureaux, consumer organisations, migrant resource services
  • schools, universities, teachers, trainers, churches, media
  • health and disability management, clinicians
  • New Zealand and Australian business leaders, financial services, lawyers

Access is also available on www.knighton.co.nz/localgovernment/. and through libraries, the book trade and by mail order for $29.99 for the book and $14.99 for the cd-rom, including GST.

DecisionMaker Guide to Local Government

Published in print, cd-rom and web editions.

DecisionMaker Publications, a joint venture of Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd and Knighton & Associates Ltd
© Knighton & Associates Ltd

Anthony Haas, ahaas@decisionmaker.co.nz mobile 027 2422 301
Judy Knighton, publish@knighton.co.nz mobile 021 375 321

DecisionMaker writing & editing team:
Anthony Haas, Roger Peren, Prof. Gary Hawke, Prof. Claudia Scott,
Kathleen Blackhurst, Judy Knighton

Design and layout:
Bob Knighton and Merran Plunket

Editorial committee:
Chris Carter, Minister of Local Government; Mike Reid, Local Government New Zealand; Frana Cardno, Mayor, Southland District Council; Sukhi Turner, Mayor, Dunedin City Council; Ewen Hutchinson, Director Secretariat, Auckland Regional Council; Wayne Guppy, Mayor, Upper Hutt City Council; David Jack, chief executive, Waitomo District Council; Gary Murphy, chief executive, Buller District Council; Jean Drage, Victoria University of Wellington; Professor Gary Hawke, Head of School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington

Educational advisers
Tony Meyers, George Seconi

Knighton & Associates; Tablet Print

Financial administration:
Knighton & Associates, PO Box 40 670 Upper Hutt

Tablet Print

Corporate Media

Website and other electronic publication:
Knighton & Associates
Associated publications:
DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government, DecisionMaker Planning Pays Off, DecisionMaker quarterlies, DecisionMaker directories
Publisher: Anthony Haas

Special thanks:
Chris Carter, Minister of Local Government
Local Government New Zealand
Department of Internal Affairs

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